A letter to my listeners

After 9 years, 5 radio stations, and over 400 aired shows on JPR alone, I’ve decided it’s time to end the show.  Modulation has been created in my free time all of these years and that time now needs to be devoted solely to my family and my business, Terra Frma

For so many weekends now, I’ve woken up to emails and messages from many of you. I spent many Saturday mornings reading them to my husband over coffee and reveling in my great luck to get to make the show for you all.  The conversations about music that we’ve had have been awesome. Some of you reached out just because you happened upon the show while driving through Oregon and California! That was rad.  

In the last year, I mentioned to a few of you that the show would likely end soon. The response was along the lines of “Can you just offer up SOMETHING!?”  

I will.  On Spotify.

Modulation on Spotify

I wish you all gritty music that moves, bending sounds that excite, and deep rhythms that mellow.

My love to you ALL.  


Modulation is a musical experience that celebrates creativity and diversity by combining the newest sounds in progressive pop, world beat, indie, folk-rock, dub, deep rhythms and genre bending electronic music from around the world.