The Final Show


Producer and Host: Allison Graves


22 thoughts on “ARCHIVED SHOWS

  1. Allison thank you so much there are times when one needs music and the junk played onmountain stage just doesn’t cut it so nice to have your selections available to us in times of need thank you thank you

  2. By Googling “Modulation” and seeking this page, I have only just now learned that you’re a show native to my wonderful JPR! The music and production is so cosmopolitan I thought we got it via syndication, so I’m really happy about this. Modulation, Undercurrents, World Cafe, and Open Air are my favorite music shows… in basically that order. =D Thanks so much, and keep it up!

  3. I was driving down to San Fran from Oregon and I came across your show in the middle of the night. It was perfect, so many of these songs have found their way to my mixes. Keep playing the wonderful tunes.

    1. Sweet! Glad to hear you stumbled upon it. You’re not the first to contact me to say they were on a long drive and 2 hours of it were made a little better. Love hearing from listeners like you!

  4. Hi Allison… Two summers ago, while driving an Alaskan cruise ship southward into Puget Sound toward our home port in Seattle at the end of a long season I put JPR on my phone’s Tune-In Radio app and picked up your show for the first time. What a welcome back to civilization! We get scant cell coverage in the remote waters of Alaska, which is really nice, but I must say that the enchanting urban playlist you featured that night has made me a loyal fan ever since. I regularly refer to your playlists for music suggestions which I share with my hardworking shipmates. The fact that your show is commercial free, that you have a lovely voice, and that you back announce every song is simply the best presentation imaginable. Thank you for millions of groovy miles on the sea and beyond.

  5. Allison,
    A JPR listener at every opportunity. I just renewed and listed your show as one of the reasons for listening. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to spin something Latin from time to time.

  6. Hey Allison,

    Just thought I would drop you a line… still listening and still loving your great work. I now only get your archived shows online… I moved away from the mystical state of Jefferson – (not by choice)… but it so awesome that it didn’t mean the end – I have added so many great artists to my collection because of your discovery – so thanks. Been a big fan since 2009 when I was living in Shasta County… now in Billings, MT. You have brought me many smiles…

  7. Allison, I just heard your show for the first time tonight. It truly augmented my already incredible day. Thanks for riding the wave with me. 🙂

  8. Allison, I wait all week for your show. What a consistent mix of delightfull music. Thank you for your taste in this state of Jefferson

  9. Hey Allison! Been listening faithfully for around 5 years- highlight of my week! You are the hippest chick around- in a word (or 2), YOU ROCK!! YOU HAVE MADE MY NIGHT WITH YOUR ALWAYS INTERESTING, DIVERSE, SOULFUL, SENSUAL, MYSTICAL, HIP, UNIQUE AND ROCK’N PLAYLISTS, TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT….THANKS FOR YOUR EXPANDED AWARNESS AND FOR EXPANDING MINE- LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU FOR THAT….YOU ARE The Shit, such a badass chica with your musical knowledge and vast scope of artists- you’ve turned me on to so much stuff I would have missed if not for you! Love you girl, you make my life better!

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